The idea of the residence came from a group of parents who were concerned about their children's future when they would be no longer able to care for them. The Niagara Peninsula Cerebral Palsy Association advocated for a permanent building.

About 10 (ten) years of fundraising by the committee, lobbying the government and with the cooperation of the City of Welland, a property on Tanguay Avenue was obtained and the residence was completed in 1987.

Tanguay Place is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering independent living for adults with physical disabilities.

Tanguay Place has a voluntary board of directors that governs the organization.


To provide a safe environment while advocating for physically disabled adults.


Enhance the quality of life for adults with physical disabilities.


Because people live in diverse communities where they are included and accepted, Tanguay supports the following:

  • Our residents are supported so that they are able to select their own goals, make choices and exercise control over decisions regarding their life and living situation.
  • We believe that our residents should have the same range of choices as all adults living in the community and therefore, Tanguay provides options well matched to their personal goals.
  • Tanguay provides quality services in a safe, friendly, respectful and supportive environment focusing on the pursuit of personal goals and desires, which enhances their sense of accomplishment and personal image.
  • Tanguay provides and maintains connections to natural support networks of friends, family and community.  Residents are provided with a sense of security, safety and well-being.
  • Our residents are provided opportunities to communicate their point of view, regarding their satisfaction of service.
  • Tanguay strives to provide our residents with access to the best posible health and community services. Residents are supported and assisted in their choices.
  • Residents are made aware of their right to confidentiality and to give informed consent.
  • Tanguay acknowledges that all people deserve to be free from all forms of abuse and neglect.
  • Tanguay acts upon issues, complaints and appeals to bring resolution as quickly as possible. Our positive proactive approach reinforces the quality of our service.


Once residents' goals have been identified, services such as equipment and training are secured to help our residents live more independently.

Tanguay's goal is to focus on our residents' route of independence outside of medical care. With the aid of equipment and training, we help our residents live more independently.